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Sachi Design And Build Pvt. Ltd. is one of the best wooden Custom furniture & fixture manufacturers that can make your furniture imagination into reality. One of the secrets behind this is the professional experience that manufacturers offer.

Over the last decade, the demand for custom furniture Delhi/NCR has steadily increased, and one of the reasons for this is the flexibility and vast array of products that manufacturers can make.

A great place for wooden furniture and unusual pieces, Sachi Design And Build will help you revamp your home, office or retail area by transforming furniture into extraordinary ones. Perhaps you have seen furniture in a lifestyle magazine or TV that impresses you but you just do not know where to find it or how to produce it. Need not to worry because with Sachi Design And Build , you can have the furniture piece you always wanted. Just make sure to choose your manufacturer wisely – in saying that, choose us for any wooden furniture solutions.

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We aim to deliver a high caliber of furniture design which is all made up of premium class materials which has been very well crafted to perfection. Sachi Design has the most talented and skillful team that has the full creativity to bring out the most luxurious and elegant design result towards every customized furniture design.

Sachi Design And Build Pvt. Ltd. undertake custom furniture & Fixture orders be it Corporate furniture, reception table, workstation, conference table, director table, back unit, Book shelves, Sofa set, centre table, buffet counter, console, master bed, dressing table, sofa cum bed, Study table, space saving furniture, wardrobes, kitchen, vanity, temple, crockery unit, LCD display units, Shoe Rack, kids room, entrance doors and decorative walls or anything. All you have to do is envision and we will make it real.

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Frequently Asked Question

We publish commercial office interiors which have been built and completed within the last 5+ years. As a general rule, we try to publish full office design projects as opposed to singular aspects of an office (such as a cafeteria or lobby).
Project descriptions should describe the thinking behind the design of a project in a narrative form. Rather than just listing key facts or the products used, the description should help give context to the project imagery. From time to time we lightly edit or format project descriptions to make them more readable. We may also ask you for additional information if necessary.
Yes. We regularly receive multiple projects from the same firm in the same day. When this happens and several of them are approved, we will likely space their publishing dates out by 1-2 weeks.
Sachi Design And Build Pvt. Ltd. has been in business for over 5+ years, delivering high-quality construction and remodeling services to residents and commercial businesses of the Delhi,Noida and many area. The last 3 decades in the construction business have taught us a lot about providing good customer service and quality craftsmanship. To find out more about our reputation in the community.
Start by establishing your goals for your remodel. Before you can talk to a contractor, you must first answer questions like, "What do I want from my remodel? What should my priorities be?" Once you've answered these questions for yourself, you can contact a number of contractors to discuss your specific plans and needs for your space. Interview several different contractors before making your decision. Once you've chosen a contractor and know an approximate cost, you can proceed to secure financing. For more information on this topic, view our home remodel checklist for a more thorough list of questions you should answer before your next remodeling project.
For a good sized project, Sachi Design And Build Pvt. Ltd. positions a working foreman on the site and a dedicated manager off site. This helps keep the project on track. The working foreman will serve as the primary means of communication with the customer while working on the site. The working foreman is at the home throughout the renovation process.
An estimate is an amount that a contractor estimates a job will cost. Estimates typically include a guess for unknown costs. A proposal is a document written up during the competitive process to win a job. Proposals include amounts bid from subcontractors, the cost of materials, and others.
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